TITANPRESS series is AMS solution for assembling window sashes, window frames, louvers and framed doors.
Robust design and manufacturing accuracy make AMS frame-presses the ideal solution for those who don’t accept compromises in terms of quality of the finished product.

Fully automatic pressing cycle together with fast motion allow to achieve utmost productivity reducing at the same time the physical effort of the operator for material handling.

Each machine is a tailor-made project to meet the specific customer needs: TITANPRESS presses can be customized to assemble sashes and frames with non-standard size and shape. Motion can be hydraulic or motorized with brushless motors.

Additional available features are:

Productivity of the assembling process is dramatically enhanced by integrating TITANPRESS frame-presses in assembling lines with automatic gluing and material handling, or with gasket inserting machines.


Titanpress-A for sashes

Titanpress-T for frames

Titanpress-TR for trapezoidal frames